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Orlando Office:   442 N Ferncreek Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Delray Beach Office: 1 Harbourside Dr, Delray Beach, FL 33483

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Dr. Cheryl Burke

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Hello, welcome to my practice! My name is Dr. Cheryl Burke. I am a licensed mental health practitioner-a doctor of Clinical Psychology and a certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator in Orange and Palm Beach counties. Additionally, I am a nationally recognized relationship consultant, writer, speaker and program developer.

My healthcare practices are located in Orlando and Delray Beach, Florida. In addition to my in-office sessions, I offer video and telephone sessions for patients who are unable to attend in office sessions. I practice with a Holistic approach, which means that I promote wellness in body, mind and spirit using Cognitive/Behavioral techniques.

My 3-day maternity workshop, Prenatal Attachment Healthy Development-Intervention(PAHD-I) is presently offered exclusively in Florida, however, other locations are in the works-- based on desire. Please see PROGRAM page for further information and updates.

The Prenatal Attachment Healthy Development (PAHDI) maternity workshop includes: bonding techniques to enhance attachment relationship between mother and baby, during and after pregnancy; parenting techniques that work; recent research on fetal and child development; positive/effective communication and relationship techniques that decrease stress and will improve relationships, both during and after pregnancy.

Dr. Burke created the PAHDI workshop based on the discoveries of scientific research for creating and maintaining healthy family attachment relationships. The program is interactive and empowers and educates expecting caregivers.   


Resolve Relationship Conflict- better relationships with intimate partner, family and business colleagues
Improve Relationship Skills- learn the secrets to have healthy relationships
Divorce Mediation- conclude relationships with clear boundaries, without anger and frustration, or harm to your children
Develop Effective Communication Skills- that will empower you to have successful relationships- business and personal
Improve Mood- frequently without the need for any prescription 
Decrease Anxiety, Panic and Manage Stress- by learning Cognitive techniques that put you back in control
Improve Child Behavior and Social Skills- for families and business professionals

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