Holistic Wellness Consulting,LLC

Dr. Cheryl Burke - Mental Health and Relationship Counselor


For inquiry or to set an appointment contact Dr. Cheryl Burke at the following-

442 N Fern Creek Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
(407)704-3166 OFFICE
(407) 704-1337 FAX
cabwellness@earthlink.net  or doctorcab@gmail.com

Cheryl Burke is a licensed mental health practitioner and a doctor of clinical psychology. In addition to her clinical and consulting practice in Orlando, she also writes relationship articles for a variety of local and national magazines. Cheryl has practiced neuropsychology, clinical psychology and forensic evaluation as a doctoral intern at both Winter Haven Hospital and Park Place Behavioral Health and is the creator of the Prenatal Development and Healthy Attachment Intervention program (PAHDI). Cheryl’s present areas of specialization include: RELATIONSHIPS RESOLUTION, COMMUNICATION, PARENTING, PARENT/CHILD ATTACHMENT, IMAGE CONSULTING, AND TREATMENT FOR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY SYMPTOMS.

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